Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 13 Typewriting

Once upon a time, typewriting was the only way to go, then we all through them out in favour of electric typewriters, which again was superseded by computers and word processing! If you are as old as me, you will remember this was the only way to get a professional look to your dissertation at Uni!
Suddenly it became the fashion to see typewriting everywhere! So we all rushed out and tried to find one at goodwill/charity shops or garage sales/eBay. This little compact gem was in my FIL's effects when we cleared his house, in fact there were two, this one had belonged to a neighbour, who gave it to MIL when they moved house. It is just the right size for crafting. My inspiration came as usual from my Pinterest board here.
I liked the idea that you can combine typewriting with other techniques. If you don't own a real typewriter I will share some of my favourite typewriting fonts you can download and cheat with! Here is what I decided to try typewriting on! The stamped vellum I made on day 1; 

(I even like the over-typing where I went wrong!!
Glassine bags full of stars;

Typing combined with stamping;

Typing on Kraft, on top of gold mist;

I have even used this old picture from typewriting instructions, to make a print and cut card, which I thought would be fun. You can download it here.
I typed on a Pink Paislee Mistable.
If you don't own an old typewriter, my favourite typewriting fonts for the PC are;
You can word process your phrase and print it out on A4 to check the size, then attach your pre-prepared 3x4 card to the A4, exactly over the typing with Washi tape and run it through your printer again.
Lets add some typewriting to your Jingle journal. TFLx