Saturday, 16 November 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 14 Cameo sketch pens

Have you experimented yet with your Cameo and sketch pens? Ages ago I ordered the metallic sketch pens and had not even opened them, so I broke them out and gave them a go! Love them! What can't you do with them? I bought some sketch designs from the Silhouette online store and sized them to 3x4 cards from my Jingle journal. I then clicked cut on the Cameo and changed the settings from blade to sketch pen. Off it went! I was so happy with the result I went ahead and opened some normal cut files and drew them instead of cutting them, by substituting the pen for the blade.

With this one I did a combination of drawing with the bronze sketch pen and cutting out the tree in glitter paper!
I then used the gold on white scrapbook paper with sketch fonts and loved that result too.

Here are some of the free sketch fonts I used to design my own cards using the Christmas phrases from my Pinterest board here. You can use these in word too.
I then decided to experiment with the sketch pens on my thin wood venner sheets that I taped to the cutting mat with vellum tape. Love how they came out too!
I even did them on vellum! 
This vellum I had misted first with Gold Mister Huey.
You can even covert a graphic image to a sketch! using a deer graphic from the graphics fairy see link on my Pinterest board here. I traced it and removed the high pass filter and took the threshold up to 100% and it produced this sketch! Awesome! Just think of the possibilities!
You can also sketch dingbat fonts. Here are some cameras I sketched.

I hope this has inspired you to get out your Cameo and use your sketch pens. If you don't have a Cameo, you can just download the free fonts and make some 3x4 cards and 3x4 cards in Photoshop or word. TFLx

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Wrightboysmum said...

These are great. I really must break mine out of their packaging.