Saturday, 23 November 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 17 Old Book Pages

I never can resist a touch on vintage and somehow vintage and Christmas go hand in hand don't they? I made a few things for my Jingle Journal using some old book pages from a charity shop find.
Using some Mister Huey Blizzard and Gold spray to add shine and some Galaxy gold ink and white liquid pearls, some sequins, some punches and some stitching I made this combination of cards for my December Daily using my Pinterest board for inspiration.
 Pennants made from double layered book paper and punched out hearts.
 Punched out stars, misted in gold and added to a cocktail stick.
 Book pages to back a tag and make a three dimensional flower.
Book pages layered to make a library pocket to hold tags.
A half circle of book pages folded to make a tree.
A tree shaped confetti pocket. Cut out the tree shape in several layers of book pages....

Create a confetti pocket from a card bag and some sequins, stitching in from the edge to keep the stars in the centre of the shape....
 Sandwich one inside the other and stitch around the outside.
You can print a graphic image straight on to old book paper by taping it to an A4 sheet with Washi tape to support it through the printer.
If you don't have an old book, there are some old text scrapbook papers out there, like this one from 7 Gypsies, that work just as well.
Or you could download  some old script, old music or old postcards from the graphics fairy or others such as these on my Christmas Graphics pin board. These are just a few ideas, why not put some in yours?

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CoventryAnn said...

Great ideas, if I have time might make a few of these to go with my JYC this year as I'm going vintage.