Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 19 Misting

I pulled a few Mister Huey mists from my stash for this December Daily kit, including my favourite Calico White (I am on my second bottle already!) 

I was misting a wood veneer snowflake with the white and I liked the stencil effect it left on the Kraft card stock. I added the stamp of the a mason jar over the top as if the snowflake was inside the jar. Subtle but effective. I then added the veneer snowflake to the card and tied it on with twine. Some chalkboard Washi tape with 'Very Merry' written in white pen completed this card.

More Washi tape pennants and sequins stitched on this card.
I also have gold and blizzard Mister Huey from last year and have added a pink called Mary Mary. Here were my tester sprays!

I sprayed some red on a craft sheet and wiped this shipping tag through it. When it dried, I trimmed it and decorated it with labels.
With the gold Mister Huey I sprayed over a small circles mask on to Kraft.
 I then used the mask with gold spray on it to print a reverse circle card so as not to waste the spray paint! I added typewriting over the top. The card above left, I painted the Mister Huey on with a paint brush after removing the spray top from the bottle.
Gold Mister Huey on vellum

You could also add decoration, by adding spray paint to an existing envelope.
Add some mist to your Jingle Journal. TFLx

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