Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 5 Print a card using Silhouette Studio software, Cameo Classroom

You can make digital cards using Photoshop Elements and buy various backgrounds and alphabets to make a unique 6x4 like this.  I bought and used a Paislee Press woodgrain card and a wooden serif font from Designer digitals to make this card.
However, if you dont have Photoshop elements and do have a Silhouette, you may not have experimented with making a print and cut file using their free software. Here is how I made a 6x4 card similar to the one above.
First open your software and draw a 6x4 rectangle using the rectangle tool on the left. 
Select the text tool on the left and choose your font from the list that appears on the right. Type out your quote using the size of font you require. Check out my Pinterest board of Christmas Quote ideas here.(You can alter text size after you have typed to make sure it fits on your card).
 Now we need to fill the card background and the text with a pattern. Along the top, select the fill pattern icon next but one to the paint bucket. This opens a range of textures in the right hand window. make sure you click on the 6x4 card then choose a pattern to fill it with. You can use several until you find one you are happy with. I chose the dark woodgrain. If there are none you like in the drop down, you can buy otheres from the Silhouette store.
Now we are going to do exactly the same thing with the text. Click on it to select it and then click on any pattern you like to fill it. I chose light woodgrain.
 Now you can resize and centre your text to be exactly the width you need for your card. Click on the text to select it and use a corner to drag it our larger or shrink it smaller. Whilst it is still selected you can use the text centre button on the right hand window to align the words.
Before we go ahead and put the text on the card, it is important to get rid of the cutting lines that exist around the words. Click on the scissors icon across the top, to the right hand side of the fill buttons. The design will turn red as shown below. Select the text and then click on the NO CUT option that has appeared in the right hand window under the cut style. This will remove the red line from around your text.

 Now we are ready to put the text on top of the background. Select the text and move it up on top of the background. If it goes underneath the background instead of on top, just right click and on the menu that opens select Bring To Front. Now the text should be seen on top of the background pattern. Place it exactly where you want it.
Now it is exactly where you want it highlight the whole card including the text and right click, select Group and these items will now be grouped together as one item.
 If you are going to print and cut this card, you will need to alter the paper size to A4. Click on the red square in the top menu, over on the right hand side and select A4 in the window that appears on the right. Next we need to add the registration marks to the print if you are going to go ahead and cut the card out using your Silhouette. You don't have to, you could cut it with a trimmer after printing, because it is a rectangle. That button is two to the right of the red square we just clicked on in the top menu. You need to add a tick to the box Show Registration marks in the window that appears.
 Make sure your card is not in any of the grey shaded areas, align it below so that it will cut easily. At this point you can go ahead and print the card by clicking on the printer icon in the top task bar towards the left hand side. It should print out straight away. 
If you don't have a Silhouette you can stop here and cut it out with your trimmer and you have a great card for Project life or December Daily. The software is free, so if you don't own a Cameo you could still download the software and have a play! There are other possibilities with the printing element of this software.
If you want to go ahead and cut it out using your Silhouette, you can place the print out on the cutting mat, adjust the rollers to A4 if necessary (I don't bother) and click the cut icon. It will ask you if you want to skip printing and I say yes as I have already done that, then it asks you to detect the registration marks automatically so you click on that. It will whirr away and find the black dots and lines it printed so that your cut will line up exactly.
Once it has done that you are ready to cut. Select the right kind of media, print paper, scrapbook paper or card stock and alter the blade to the recommended setting, then click cut. Done! here is my printed card. I used satin finish paper but you can print on anything you like. I think I will add some wood veneer stars to mine to pretty it up.
Or why not embellish the finished card with a few sequins? 
Hope you can follow these instructions OK. Don't be afraid to ask in the comments if you need help. 
If you got this far and didn't manage to make it yourself, here is the link to my free file to download! Enjoy! On with the Jingle Journal. TFLx

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