Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Project Life Week 2 2014 Stitching page protectors

 I had so much fun stitching page protectors for my December daily, I decided to switch it up with Project Life too.
 I stitched a 9x12 inch pocket in the right hand side of this double page spread and then made three 3x4 pockets out of the narrow strip on the side. I then cut a slit in each tiny pocket to slide the 3x4 cards in, just in one side of the page protector. Worked a treat!
The larger format enabled me to add the envelope from my Nephew's thank you letters, with the German stamps. I based this layout on a layout over at Studio Calico by Celestev here on my Pinterest board, as part of a challenge to use something you have added to your inspiration book.
I made my pocket from start acetate. A great way to use up random die cuts too! Mostly neutral theme but some pink tones. I included a Letterpress camera card and a die cut card as I weas low on photo's. 

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Anonymous said...

I've often wondered why you haven't done this before CC as you like sewing so much. Even I'm contemplating sewing pockets to hold my cards & I hate getting the sew m/c out.
Lovely job BTW...Mgt.