Monday, 21 April 2014

How to turn a Project Life Kit into a Mini Album!

For a long time now I have been playing with an idea to turn a Studio Calico Project Life kit (including the box) into a mini album. With the NSD offer over at SC I ordered an extra Cuppa kit with this in mind. I have to say, Cuppa was my favourite kit of recent years and it was no problem at all to have a duplicate! I used my first one straight away in PL last November!
Here is the finished result! I hope you like it!

I just emptied the box and cut down the tray part at each corner with my craft knife, removing the top, bpottom and left hand side of the inner tray completely, leaving the magnetic closure side in place to shut my album.
I then taped around the raw edges using wide washi tape in an aqua colour, from a previous SC scrapbook kit.
I used a Tim Holtz large ring binder clip and attached it to the spine using the brads. You could add a spot of silicone glue underneath to make it extra secure and stable. I then taped over the brads on the exterior of the spine with more Washi tape. (I covered the front cover at the very end.)
Over on the Studio Calico website (no connection) you can see a close up of the kit cards here.
Some had references to November or 2013 on them so I simply covered that up with embellishments from the Hello forever sticker set from the Cuppa Scrapbook kit (of which I also have two!)

This acetate home card, I added stickers to cover November and 2013  and then replaced it in its cellophane wrapper along with the star rhinestones as confetti.
I used the Studio calico attacher die to cut some hinges in Bazzill card stock (Peach Glow) from the scrapbook kit. Sold Out very quickly.

Some of these attachers I glued to PL cards and some I stitched. You just have to be careful that the album still closes and the cards don't prevent the right hand hinged closure of the album from shutting completely.
Here are some other pages, with and without hinges.

Two 3x4 cards overlapped at the right hand edge and scored to make a fold out page.
 A 3x4 stitched on two sides to a 6x4 to make a pocket you can tuck something in.
 A 3x4 card vertically overlapped with a 3x4 horizontal and stitched together, with a hinge on the top card only.

 Use the negative from the die cuts.

Use a tag with hinges.
Stick together three glassine bags that the embellishments came in and stitch down the left hand edge, then insert tags.

 I even used the circles from the die cutting as confetti in a glassine bag and ran the woodgrain card through my woodgrain embossing folder for extra texture.

I stitched two 6x4 cards, I cut from the woodgrain paper, together to make a pocket and added a thumbhole with my circle punch. Popped two 3x4 cards inside.

 I used two 4x4 plastic pockets to make two different pages. One I cut the hinges from and stitched it into two pockets and added my own holes with a hole punch.
The second one, I trimmed the right hand edge off to fit it in and then added some stitching and some lace.
Finally I added hinges to a kraft envelope..
I then used up my embellishments here and there on various pages and it was done. The outside I wrapped in the Pink woodgrain paper and stuck around the edge with double sided tape. I scored each fold before I stuck it in place so that they were crisp. Embellish the front. TFLx


Wrightboysmum said...

I thought this looked great on Instagram. It's even better all together in one post. Love it.

Margareta Carlsson / Paperpilekitten said...

This is just amazing!!!! I love what you did with the box and the cards. Wow! With your awesome idea, we could even do PL in this format. One mini album for every month and kit. Looks totally stunning. Lovely. Beautiful. Gorgeous. So cool. I could use every positive adjective for this! lol! Awesome job! :D

Annie A said...

I am usually a blog lurker but I just wanted to let you know this is AMAZING! I love what you have done with the PL box (I have many of the SC ones too) and I can't wait to try this out…. Thanks for thinking "out of the box" ;) …. Love, Love, Love this idea!! :)

Kelly said...

Everything that margareta said. What a fantastic idea!

Tori Bissell said...

Oh my goodness this is so genius and incredible and such a fantastic idea! I adore this! I want to do this right this second it's so awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Shanna Noel said...

I seriously could not love this more!!! So so so so so smart!

Donya said...

Pure genius!!! Great work.

Catherine said...


jessica - craftychicgirl said...

what a fun and amazing idea! love how you turned the pl box into an album!!!

pattyg said...

This is so creative, beautful and jut plain old fun! I have plenty of those boxes for sure!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this! it is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Woohah! So smart, I love this, it is awsome. Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Woohah! So smart, I love this, it is awsome. Thank you for sharing

Jeanine said...

Thanks for this, its very inspirational. I also love how adorable and personal it can be. Could be used for anything that someone wants to document in a visual friendly way. I have no idea what a PL box is or any of the other items you used are but the idea is so versatile that it doesn't matter. Use what you have! This is a fantastic project.

Stephanie Bryan said...

Oh, you are amazing! I love how you used that box! I'm totally going to have to try that out! Wowzers!!

alexandra s.m. said...

Bravo! I'm in awe ;)
and thank You!

Sandy Davis said...

Wow what a great project and idea!

Limetka said...

Love it! Definitely great idea. Good job!

Shari Dancer-Thomas said...

Wow! This is so cool!!!!

Pauline Adamson said...

Caroline, what an amazing project, you must be so proud. It's completely inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. Pauline

Janis Lewis said...

Stumbled across this and love it! I've posted a link to the Bimini Moose blog to your post here. Thanks for sharing!
:) Janis

Stephanie Roberts said...

I love this so much!!!!!