Monday, 12 May 2014

Ok, this is serious now...

I used to be a part time worker with a blog that had daily input, but I have turned into a daily worker with a blog that has part time entries!! Something's gotta give! This ain't no way to go on!! What are you thinking!? Prioritise woman! 
There now follows a broadcast on behalf of the 'craft is important in your life' party.

National scrapbook day came and went and I had big plans, but only managed to make three!! here are my meagre contributions to the Big Picture Classes 10k Pathetic in terms of quantity but oh so important!!
As I came to scrapbooking late, I have loads of albums of photo's from when the kids were little. Here is hubby, above, looking about twelve, with our son who is now at dance school in London and that little cherub on the slide is my 23 year old son!! Agh! I'm not that old! Where did the time go???? I propose to go through the old photograph albums a bit more and select random photo's that really mean something to me and make a few 8.5/11 albums to treasure.


Wrightboysmum said...

Love the "craft is important" party it made me laugh. Great LOs. I'm bogged down studying and I miss my regular crafting time. Enjoy :-)

Sandra said...

I have boxes of old photos ... Lots of ours and now more boxes from Mum & Dad, so I've got to work out a way of going through them.