Friday, 23 May 2014

Sad, sad day

Last week (13th) my mum and dad had to have their cat put down.
Nobody knew exactly how old it was or what sex it was because it was semi wild and a stray that adopted them. My dad was always out in the garden and it befriended him and they started feeding it. It was called "come on" because that was what it came to when they called it to the back door for food. (A name that the vet found hilarious when we took the cat last week) She, it turns out, but obviously neutered, died of kidney failure and my dad is devastated. At 90 years of age, his main focus of each day was feeding and talking to that cat. He even sat outside with it when it was ill because the cat wouldn't come in. RIP 'Come on' you brought such joy to my dads life for the last 6 or so years. You are very sadly missed.
I had to go right back to January 2011 to find this layout I made. TFLx


Isa (Batraplume) said...

Oh so sad :( Here is another one who crossed the rainbow bridge... Unfortunately cats often die of renal failure and there's not much to do when they are still a bit wild (my first cat wouldn't let us nor the vet take care of her and she had IRC too). Btw, tortoise shell cats are almost always females :) My thoughts go to your parents :)

Sandra said...

Oh that's so sad, but how lovely that she and your Dad found each other. She was lucky to have been loved in such a way