Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Am I a crafter? or a stash organiser??

I have had several attempts at organising my stamps over the years and yet again I have had a change of heart, as I was not using them enough, because I forgot what I had! My most recent organisation here was into DVD cases like Kinsey Wilson did, but I found that removing the index sheet into an A5 ring binder meant that each DVD case looked the same! So now I am using the DVD cases for full sheet sets that are back on their cheat sheets.
Larger sets of alphas have gone into Staples A5 plastic wallets in my Martha Stewart ring binder. Each pocket has an A% sheet of copier paper in the back so the stamp sets show up.
Smaller individual stamps like we used to get from Studio Calico years ago when they brought back stamping, I have now put back in these two binders from Paperchase.
They were originally meant to hold business cards. The original post was here.
That left me with all the stamps that have come recently from SC kits that are on a long strip of acetate. I stitched pockets in some more Staple A5 plastic wallets and then trimmed it down the right hand edge so they can slide in easily. Works a treat!
Some people have done something similar with a Handbook and proper page protectors but that was too pricey for me. Always looking for the more economical method! TFLx


Sandra said...

I'm just the same, I'm forever re organising my stash.

I used to keep my SC stamps in those little photo books you can pick up at pound land (they were 4x6) but in all honesty that never worked for me. So I'm going to try putting them in a tin, I have.

I adore seeing others ideas on storage, so please share more

TaraE said...

I'm in exactly the same position after having mine on a clip-it-up system, then zip round binders or just in themed binders I'm am now thinking that clear pockets that I can flip through would be better but procrastinating about it as it's such a big job!!! Would just like to be using them more full stop!! Thanks for sharing & the inspiration! Txx

Lyndsay said...

Where did you get the DVD cases? Any that I can fins have a round bit in the center to snap the DVD in place. I love these and would love to get some.