Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What else can you make with a Project Life kit box?

Here I go again altering some of my Project Life kit boxes from Studio Calico! This time I thought they would make a cute mini set of drawers.
First I carefully removed the tray from the outer cover of the box using my craft knife, sliding it carefully inside the gap.
I used some 12 x 12 papers from my single sided Amy Tangerine Yes Please stack I got from TKMaxx to cut and cover the mess left behind, and the base of the tray, so the drawer will slip in and out easily.
I used double sided tape to make sure it was secure.
Remove the magnet closures from the outside of the tray carefully, by slitting along with a craft knife, then cover the slits with Washi tape, OR turn the drawer the opposite way around so the  magnets cant stick to each other.
Place the drawer inside the outer casing and then measure another piece of paper to fit around the out side of the opening side of the outer case. Make sure the spine measures 2 inches, because the open side is slightly smaller than the rigid spine side of the box and we want it to be even or the drawer will not slide in and out.
using a scoreboard, score the two creases.
Add double sided tape, two strips to each section and then, with the drawer inside the outer case, hold it in place and stick around the side, as below.
This makes the outer box nice and rigid.
Measure and cut a strip of paper to go around the outside of the box, covering the other three sides of the box neatly and glue in place with more double sided tape.
Measure and cut a piece for the end of the drawer. Attach with DST.
Using a Cropadile big bite, slide off one of the feet, so you can get it to the centre of the drawer front to punch a hole for a ribbon pull.
Measure 6 inches of ribbon, double it and tie a knot. Thread it from inside the drawer to the outside! That's it! All done! Make as many as you like and stick them together with double sided tape to make a chest of drawers! Group them in twos or in fours. Great for all sorts of embellishments and these big stamps!
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Sandra said...

I'm annoyed now that I've thrown away my PL boxes, but I'll make sure I keep the next one to try this out.


Thank you so much for the is the one I made inspired by you

MariClaudi said...

Wow! Would you consider a video??

Johanna said...

Thank you for the amazing idea, Caroline!
I made one with 6 drawers!

elisa said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I made one of this, finally finished tonight. I have the wider PL boxes but its still pretty as it is.