Monday, 18 August 2014

Summer holidays and back to it!

 Back from my summer holiday and raring to get crafting! I needed a break!
As we went back to Italy for the third year running I decided to take my holidays and apply a black and white filter, to switch it up. 
 I am liking how these turned out but I need to get them printed and an album started next!
 I had an interview for a new job the day before I left for holiday, so all this spare time I was hoping to have, looks like it might have gone out of the window! Not sure of my new hours yet so just waiting to find out. 
 I had a really relaxing holiday and feel like it is ages since I did any crafting! Looking forward to making a start!
Watch this space! TFLx

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Sandra said...

I enjoyed seeing your photos on Instagram, looks like you had a fabulous time