Friday, 19 September 2014

How to make a 3x4 card storage tray

I am busy trying to multitask on various projects and had various boxes and dishes out on my desk. I realised I needed a narrow box for my 3x4 cards I had selected to use in my 30 days of me handbook over at the Studio Calico class. I had also pulled tags and embellishments to use too.
Sorting through this pile at the start of every page was time consuming. I searched in my craft cupboard for a suitable container, but did not find one, although I did find and empty magazine storage box from IKEA, made from corrugated card, so I made it into this cute tray!
1. First take your FLYT magazine holder and cut it down to double the finished height you want.
2. Take a ruler and score at the height exactly half way through the finger hole and all the way around the box on all sides.
3. Add wide washi tape so that the score line is directly under the centre of the tape. (This is so that when you fold it the top edges remain neat and not look messy!)
4. Cut down at each of the four corners so you can fold these down inside the box. Finally you can close the bottom of the box in the normal way as IKEA direct you on the bottom! I then cut a piece of the leftover card to fit inside the bottom of the box to hold all the sides down in place and hide any mess. There is enough in the waste you cut off the top of the magazine holder to make this.
Done! 3x4 cards and tags in the front, then a plastic box of embellishments holds them upright and in place. 6x4 cards fit vertically in the back and can be accessed from the side. Also included mini alphas and embellishments on cards that I'm using. 
I think the FLYT boxes come in a set so you could make several of these and use them for normal project life organisation quite cheaply! I may make another for all my spare 3x4 cards. Watch this space! TFLx


Wrightboysmum said...

Oh great idea. I'll add them to my Ikea list for next month.

Sandra said...

You seriously come up with some great ideas