Saturday, 20 September 2014

How to make a 4x6 paper pad storage caddy from a SC Project Life kit box


I was challenged by Sandra to make something out if the new Studio calico project Life kit box. They have just switched to this new type and they are less robust than the old ones, but I was sure they could be useful!
1. The first thing to do use measure and cut some off the front flap, so it just folds back on itself inside the box. Stick this in place and it will strengthen the top edge of the box. 
Now rule and score the back flap and fold to the inside. This measurement depends on how much you want to see inside the box.
Fold it to the inside and stick down, making sure the side flaps are out as in this photo.
Now fold the sides in and close the box. Now comes the tricky bit, with the box closed, punch a hole through both sections with a Cropadile Big Bite, positioning the hole close to the front edge.
Now open out the box on your cutting mat and carefully cut an arc cutting slot away from the punch hole, through both layers of card. I ended up making it a bit longer than this photo shows, so that the box tilted open a bit wider in use, but be careful not to go too near the edge or it may tear.
Now close the box again and using too longish brads, one on each side, thread the brad through from the insode of the box to the outside of the box, through all layers.
Now check and adjust, seeing that the box will tilt open and closed easily.
I covered up the split ends of the brad on the outside of the box with a couple of sticky tickets or you could use washi tape. Open and in use it looks like the photo above.

Tip: I got fed up of looking through these paper pads for a paper and finding it missing, so I have torn out the index card at the front of each pad and put a cross on the used ones. Now I keep all the index cards at the front for easy reference! Simple! Why didn't I think of it before? I may even make more of these and group all my 6x4 papers and Project life cards according to colour!
Thanks to Sandra for making me get my little grey cells to work on this idea!

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Sandra said...

I'm so pleased I've been saving mine, I knew you'd come up with a fabulous idea. You're super talented