Sunday, 28 September 2014

I don't do mess ...aka Techniques from my last mini album

Sometimes you get bogged down using the same old things when you are crafting, we all do, we have the stash but can't be bothered or wont get it out and use it. With this album, I was inspired by my pins on Pinterest to get in there and use some older techniques I have not done for ages!
I hold my hands up and admit I don't do mess! (You should have seen me the other day wrapping a present with celebration paper, when all the gold glitter fell off everywhere!!!) I am a bit frightened of embossing powder for the same reason, however I decided it had to be done, so I broke out my gold embossing powder for this album.
I quite like the effect of embossing on textured card, it adds another dimension.
I made this little flick book using some spare Project Life cards and some washi tape. 
I chose 4 cards and laid them out so they were slightly staggered. I then taped them together on both sides to make the hinges.

I then glued the embossed card on the front cover of the flick book and rounded the corners with my corner rounding punch. 

I then wrote inside the flick book and had to create a special pocket in my page protector
to hold it.
Using a full size handbook page protector, slide a small cutting mat in side the pocket and slit a hole just through the top layer of page protector, where you want your flick book to slide in. Mine went up from the bottom seam for 3 inches plus a little extra for movement, and was about 2 inches in from the left hand edge seam. Remove the cutting mat and stitch across the page protector at this level to create a solid bottom pocket.
I also made a slit about 4 inches across from the left hand edge, so that a 4x4 photo could be added above the flick book. I stitched across the top and bottom of where that photo would go. You can stitch right the way across if you want. Finally, I added my title inside the remaining top inch of the page protector and stitched it closed. 
I decided to add half a card for journaling onto the surface of the page protector and stitch it down. Do your journaling first, tuck it under the 4x4 back to back photo and stitch through the plastic. By having this on top of the plastic, it add dimension.
here is what it looks like from the back. TFLx

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Sandra said...

This is great, I must give this a go. It really is so effective