Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Including a recipe in Project Life

This week seems to be all about food!
I always take photographs every day if I can and keep them well organised into date folders on my PC, so that if I get behind on Project Life it is easier to find things. 
I have a month folder and sub divide it into date folders. 
I mostly take my pictures with my iPhone or iPad and transfer them to my PC using Dropbpox. It works for me!
When I get to the week I am starting in project life, I create a week folder and transfer the relevant 7 day folders to it before I start going through them. You can see here I am up to week 40 so I have made a week 40 folder and put the dates 28th Sept - 4th Oct in it. (I work Sunday to Sunday)
What I'm getting round to saying is, when I went through the photo's for this particular week, they were all food!!!!! Maybe it had something to do with getting a new oven a few weeks ago, but I had been cooking and baking a lot that week and had made my best cake ever! I decided to include the recipe! In future generations I think it will be nice to look back on! The recipe card slides out and there is a photo of the cake underneath too. 
I also included a picture of another dish I made from Pinterest! Like many people. I have Pintgerest recipe ideas boards, but had I made any? No had I heck! My resolution, is 'don't just pin it, make it!'

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Sandra said...

It's good to add in the foods we eat onto our pages. I must admit doing a weekly marker helps keep my iPhone pictures in order when I download each week. And like you when I do download my main camera I kept them in date order to