Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Using a 12 x 12 spread in Project Life

 There have been as lot of layouts using lots of tags together on a page recently on Pinterest, so I wanted to have a go at my own version, using 3x4 Project Life cards, interspersed with some small photographs.
These two weeks in Project Life, were all about my two boys final steps in their education; one son is going back to Uni to study for his PGCE and had been getting stocked up with books and school supplies; the other son had been getting his photo taken for head shots to use with his agent, to get work in his final year at dance school. The only way I could use the cute little girl card, was to detail my thoughts, as their mum, on the final steps of their journeys through education.
Once I had arranged the cards and photo's in a patchwork effect, I filled the gaps with labels and embellishments, some I stitched in place and some I used my tiny attacher to staple. I really like the overall effect.
This is the opposite page, which came together really quickly using cards and embellishments from my Project life kit. This was just so easy whilst I am in Project Life catch up mode! TFLx


Sandra said...

I've been trying to use more PL cards on my 12x12 layouts too.

Ginny said...

Great pages! I really love the one that says My brain has to many tabs open. I'm totally using that if I ever get around to scrapping, LOL. That is a big joke in my family because I always have so many tabs going on the computer.