Sunday, 16 November 2014

Project Life with a different page protector orientation

This is the front and back of Week 44 and I must say I quite like this format with the horizontal format of 4x3 cards down the centre. I included a couple of postcards too.

One of the reasons I like the Studio calico Project Life cards is that they have a horizontal and vertical format on each side of most of the 3x4 cards. This just makes the whole thing more versatile. I also was able to add more photos by printing two portraits on a 4x3 card. To do this make a new canvas in Photoshop elements that is 4x3 and then resize your photos to 2x1.5 inches and place them in the doc and save. You can then make two of these and print them on a 4x6 on your Selphy. By rounding the corners you make and even feel to the whole page. I found this very useful for including a couple of pictures from Belsen that we visited. I wanted to record it but not have a huge picture that dominated the spread. TFLx

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