Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Wrapping up 2014!

My aim today was to get Project Life 2014 wrapped up. I managed weeks 47,48 & 49. I'm happy with that as my December pages are going to be collage pages anyway because I have completed my December Daily in detail, this just needs to be a summary. 
So what are my thoughts on 2014? Well I was thinking today about my one little word for 2014 which was Strong and I chose it because I knew in my heart of hearts that I would have to face losing Barney sometime in the year. We had be fortunate to keep him as long as we did but February 17th turned out to be the day I dreaded. I knew it was going to be hard, but had not imagined the grief I would go through, nor the guilt I would feel for calling the vet that day. Somehow I got through it and agreed with hubby we would leave some time before making any future pet decision. 
I did not anticipate my elder son deciding to go back to University to study for his PGCE, giving up the security of a full time baking job at Sainsbury's, not what he wanted, to follow a difficult path and pass the necessary tests to get a place. With hard work, on both my part and his, he had the strength of will to succeed and I to withstand the pressure of tutoring him in Maths & English to reach the required standard and he passed! Something I was amazed by but he apparently knew would happen because despite his special needs, he will not give up! 
I could not have foreseen my job at school disappearing this year. I was told as we broke up for Easter and offered a 'suitable alternative' but it didn't suit me! So I was strong and I walked away! Scary after 12 years but I had faith in my ability and total support from hubby to look for pastures new! Not easy with our younger son starting his final year at dance school but definitely good for my health! 
Hubby finally opened his new branch at work in June and appointed his new staff. A great challenge for him once again, but something he loves. 
We took our summer holiday in Sicily again this year and returned refreshed but anxious about my unemployment! September came and went without any work and actually that was a blessing! I felt calm and refreshed but the house felt empty. 
In October the work started coming in and we booked to visit my SIL in Germany for the first time in 2 years. Actually the first time in about 20 years not in the school holidays!!
In November even more work came in and I was working part of everyday! Planning was taking over once again and things began to mount up! I got a bit down with myself, that I had let it take over and could not say 'no' once again and decided that I missed having a four legged friend to de stress my life and get me out every day. One day I just made that call by chance that led me to Sergio and that day has changed all our lives for the better!
We went to Germany and returned with excitement that a new chapter in our lives was about to begin. 
In December we took delivery of our newest family member and it coincided perfectly with one of my work commitments ending at Christmas. 
We have had a fantastic Christmas all together and reached the end if another challenging year.
I am blessed to still have both my parents, who have had both had a good year health wise compared to 2013. 
So what about 2015? Well, I saw a quote the other day along the lines of "life is something that happens whilst we a busy making plans!' Something like that anyway and it made me think that we get so busy making plans we forget to live the life that is passing! My word for 2015 is 'live'. I don't want to miss what's happening right now whilst trying to plan the future. Let's just enjoy everyday, every dog walk and certainly every crafting moment!
Happy New Year to all my crafty friends! 


Anonymous said...

Strong is certainly the right word for you in 2014 - you've had your ups-&-downs. Happy New Year....Mgt.

Sandra said...

May 2015 bring you and your family much happiness xxx

Wrightboysmum said...

Happy New Year. Live sounds like a great choice. I chose revitalise.