Saturday, 31 May 2014

Step by Step Part 1 How to make the mini album from a project life kit

I have been asked to share step by step how I put this mini album together. I made it from  Studio Calico project life kit in a box, but you could make it from any 3x4 and 6x4 cards and any small box.
You will need:
A project life kit in a box (approximately 30 cards 6x4 & 3x4)
A few sheets of 12 x 12 paper to compliment
Matching embellishments of various kinds e.g. flair, enamel dots, sequins, stickers, veneer
Attacher die from Studio Calico and a sheet of card or Basic Grey Attach me stickers
Wide Washi tape
Tim Holtz large binder rings
Recycled Cellophane Glassine bags from embellishments
4x4 page protectors from We R Memory keepers or a larger page protector to cut up
Sewing Machine
Corner rounder punch
1" circle punch

1. Prepare the box for the mini album, by cutting out the top and bottom of the inside tray and the left hand edge, so it lies flat on the table but closes back into a box shape, using the magnetic closure.
Bind any raw cut edges with the wide Washi tape and then add the Tim Holtz binder rings to the spine. You can add a blob of silicone glue under the binder to make it extra secure. Tape over the brads on the outside of the album with Washi tape. This will be covered with the outer paper decoration anyway.
2. Cover the outside of the album with your chosen scrapbook paper, I went for the pink wood grain. Wrap the paper around the box like a parcel and then reinforce the creases with a bone folder. I used red double sided tape to stick the outer cover in place (extra strong.)
3. Set out your project life kit on a table and group into colour families, I put the cards with numbers on together, the reds and navy together and the yellows together.
4. Select your opening page card, I chose the Yes No Maybe card. 
Slide it inside a 4x4 page protector and stitch a row of machine stitches to create a 3x4 pocket for it. This leaves a narrow pocket you can fill with sequins and stitch across the top to hold them in. The top of the card pocket should remain open so the card can be accessed later for journaling. Add embellishments as required.
5. A 4x6 card with embellishments. Punch holes with a hole punch.
6. The next few pages are 3x4 cards on their side, punched with one hole each.

Cover any reference to year or months with stickers.
6. Another 4x6 card next, again cover any reference to date or year with stickers.
7. Take the pink wood grain card and run it through a wood grain embossing folder using the Cuttlebug, to add texture. Stick it onto a glassine bag and fill with some confetti. (I used the circles from my attacher die cuts.) Embellish.

8. Stitch an envelope from two 6x4 pieces of scrapbook paper, leaving the right hand edge open. Punch a thumb hole using a circle punch half on the paper. Add a couple of 3x4 cards inside. 
9. Select two 3x4 cards. Fold under a narrow strip on the left long edge of one card and tape this over the right hand edge of another to form a hinge. 

The card now fold out into a double card. Add two attacher die cuts for hinges and stitch or stick in place. Embellish. ( added a couple of mini photo's in this)
10. Make a 6x4 card from scrapbook paper and round the two outer corners. On the back, select and stitch a 3x4 card on two sides to make a pocket, where you can tuck things in. Add an extra 3x4 card in the pocket for journaling.
Punch holes to add it to the album. Embellish. 
Next page is a plain 6x4 card.
11. Line up a vertical 3x4 card over a horizontal 3x4 card and stick together. Add an attacher hinge to the vertical card so it all lines up in the album. 
I used one of the watercolour cards for this and painted it.
12. The next page is a plain 6x4 card embellished with veneer.
 For this page I added one of the die cut outlines left over from my attacher die to a plain Kraft brown card from the kit to add some interest.
The next page is a large shipping tag with attacher die cuts stitched on it. I added the wood slice to this tag through the hole with twine. I stamped on this later.
As you can see from the picture above, I actually moved the pages around in the album when I came to fill it, as it suited my photo's.
Join me again tomorrow for more pages! I hope you enjoy making yours! TFLx

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I'm the guest designer over at Basic Grey!

I know, I can't believe it either!!
I was asked to make a mini album using their Capture collection. Go check it out here!!  there are loads of pictures. I love the pocket page albums and thinking outside the box with how to use them! 

Their attach me stickers are just such a fantastic idea!!! 
Check out my Pinterest board here for items I used and more details.  I will share my techniques in the days to come. TFLx

Friday, 23 May 2014

Sad, sad day

Last week (13th) my mum and dad had to have their cat put down.
Nobody knew exactly how old it was or what sex it was because it was semi wild and a stray that adopted them. My dad was always out in the garden and it befriended him and they started feeding it. It was called "come on" because that was what it came to when they called it to the back door for food. (A name that the vet found hilarious when we took the cat last week) She, it turns out, but obviously neutered, died of kidney failure and my dad is devastated. At 90 years of age, his main focus of each day was feeding and talking to that cat. He even sat outside with it when it was ill because the cat wouldn't come in. RIP 'Come on' you brought such joy to my dads life for the last 6 or so years. You are very sadly missed.
I had to go right back to January 2011 to find this layout I made. TFLx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

We 'did' London!

Last week, as part of my Birthday celebrations, we 'did' London. My sons bought me a ticket to a show as my present and it was fab to go up to London with my younger son and hubby and check out 'Wicked'
Of course we managed to choose the hottest day of the year so far and clash with the FA cup final, but still we had a great time! We stayed in a hotel near Tower Hill again.
Jonni came and joined us for breakfast before work. Had a great time! 
Half of Hull was in London for the FA Cup Final. Well done to them for putting up such a good fight against Arsenal. At least it was a thrilling game to watch for the fans. TFLx

Monday, 19 May 2014

Do you sew on paper or fabric or both?

I do and I decided my sewing machine needed a quick service to get rid of all the lint that builds up, so I uploaded a series of short videos I made on Instagram (cannycrafter) to show how quick and easy this is to do at home yourself. 
You can check them out here 
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Your machine will thank you for it! Now get sewing!
Don't forget that you need to keep separate needles for paper and fabric.
For more sewing tips, search my blog for sewing, sewing tutorial and sewing on card. TFLx

Monday, 12 May 2014

Ok, this is serious now...

I used to be a part time worker with a blog that had daily input, but I have turned into a daily worker with a blog that has part time entries!! Something's gotta give! This ain't no way to go on!! What are you thinking!? Prioritise woman! 
There now follows a broadcast on behalf of the 'craft is important in your life' party.

National scrapbook day came and went and I had big plans, but only managed to make three!! here are my meagre contributions to the Big Picture Classes 10k Pathetic in terms of quantity but oh so important!!
As I came to scrapbooking late, I have loads of albums of photo's from when the kids were little. Here is hubby, above, looking about twelve, with our son who is now at dance school in London and that little cherub on the slide is my 23 year old son!! Agh! I'm not that old! Where did the time go???? I propose to go through the old photograph albums a bit more and select random photo's that really mean something to me and make a few 8.5/11 albums to treasure.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Happy International Scrapbook day!!

Big Picture Classes
Get with the program! Awesome fun and games today on Studio Calico 2 Peas in a bucket and Big Picture Classes. Hoping to bomb my Instagram feed with lots of crafty work today all being well!  Follow me on Instagram
Why not join in and have fun? TFLx