Thursday, 31 December 2015

December Daily 2015 Day 18 onwards

As another year draws to a close, so does one of my favourite projects, December Daily. When I first discovered this project in 2008, I loved it and I still do! This year's 6x12 format has been delightful and I look forward to carrying this on in 2016 as my chosen Project Life album too.
Its all about the cake and wine!
 Star Wars day!
 My Secret Santa activities!
 The rare phase of the moon coinciding with Christmas
 Setting the table, 'The Big Shop' and White Christmas movie.
 The 25th birthday!
 Want to get him to fill in his 25 Good Times over 25 years
 Christmas Eve preparations
 Meeting up with family
 The big day!
 Fold out of pictures and memorabilia from the day
 More family reunions
 Reflecting on Christmas this year
Mum & Dad's Diamond Wedding anniversary 
 Looking back at their wedding day in 1955
All done and I'm happy with it! Another year of memories to look back on. TFLx

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The story of Day 8 December Daily

 This day was significant as it was a year to the day that we got our puppy! I decided to document what this has meant to me in the form of a letter. I've been hanging on to these chipboard diamonds from a Studio Calico kit for ages and used them here.
I included 8 things about him on this additional vellum page. 
Love the Baxter line from 7 paper to add doggy details. The white 8 on black tag is from IKEA. TFLx

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Incorporating a birthday in your December Daily

In this house we have a few birthdays to fit in to our December celebrations and I like to give them their own space in the album so they don't get overshadowed by Christmas. Hubby's is on the 5th so I made a gold vellum divider and decorated it with a journal card with some vellum die cut presents and the number 5. 

This page has a flap to lift we details about the football match they went to see.
This page shares some of the other stories, one of which was about the Musical express train set I bought him as a joke present. 
I love this vellum page I printed off from Ali's main kit here with 'Make a wish' added to it with a star and 'tis the season' acetate from Studio calico, I think it goes well with the photo of the cake candles and makes a nice separation for the birthday within the album. Tflx

Monday, 7 December 2015

December Daily Day 3 - You're allowed to change your mind!

I was looking through my album and decide I didn't like the running order, so I have reorganised it, well you can when it's pocket pages! I liked the word tree opposite this die cut better than how I had it here:

 and switched to the full page photo on the back next to this tree paper from the 7 paper Felix collection.
I then decided to journal over the top of it, so I ran it through the laser printer to get the journaling on there 
and then through the Minc machine to turn it silver. It is a little hard to read, but I wanted to try this technique and I'm happy with it.
I also went back and remodelled day 2 to take out some pics and keep it simple. One story per day, I've got to try and stick to that and put the rest in Project Life! TFlx

Saturday, 5 December 2015

December Daily Day 2

Day 2 is in the album! Shows the boxes of decorations all out of the loft ready to go up and some extra card detail opposite hubby's picture from yesterday, all about the cards I have made this year, including the stags head die cut I used on them. The card on the reverse of the page has now got journaling on and the picture I snapped in town, of the Christmas lights, is making an appearance on this page in the two cardboard frames back to back. I used the fuse tool to seal some wood veneers in tome tiny pockets and some snowflake sequins sealed in the pocket with the acetate snow globe from the 7 paper Felix collection. TFlx

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Getting started with 2015 December Daily: Day 1

My box of goodies is ready and waiting on my desk to make this year's 6x12 album easy as anything. 
Here is a list of what is in mine:

  1. Alphas of all sizes from 3 inch to tiny, all fonts and colours red, gold, white and mint
  2. Enamels dots and various types of stickers in coordinating colour stickers along with acrylic word phrases and Christmas wood veneers.
  3. Printables of various sizes, 6x4, 3x4 and 4x4, including acetate squares
  4. Washi tapes and masking tapes with a Christmas theme.
  5. Die cut tabs and tags
  6. Christmas punches in various heart, star and tree shapes
  7. Christmas stamps and various ink pads
As usual there will be too much here, but if its all in one place then its more likely to get used!

Day 1
All done and finished and quite easy as the foundation page was already there.
I stitched the acetate 'december' word to the number 1 on acetate, added a gold heart back to back on the acetate and then added an 'st' for the first. I popped in a few sequins in matching colours and sealed the pocket with my Photo fuse tool. I printed a 6x4 photo with an old digital stamp from Ali Edwards on it, then cut it in two to make 2 x 3 x 4 pictures for the pockets. 
At the bottom I added a Pink Paislee Yuletide red foil number 7 with a tiny aqua 'th' on it and wrote that this year will be my seventh year doing this project. 
I added a gold foil chipboard 'you are here' shape to the card where it says 'tis the season.
The back looks like this. A photo of hubby starting on the Christmas cards. TFLx

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

It's here! December Daily 2015! Bring it on!

I have set aside today for me! I have lots of jobs to do and get caught up so I can enjoy December and all it brings. Fortunately, today is wet and horrid so I intend to stay indoors!
December has come round quickly once again and I am very thankful that I got something organised early in the way of foundation pages. I am also thankful that this year I am not working, so I hope to enjoy the season more!
My day started with getting out my old December Dailys and looking through the ones for 2009, 2010 and 2011. Here is what I noticed I liked about the albums:
1. I liked the interactive elements
2. I loved the Christmas cards and tags I included
3. I loved the Menus and cracker jokes I added
4. I liked that I had talked about what stage each of us was at
5. I liked that I included recipes
6. I liked the variety of page sizes and shapes
7. I liked the transparent elements
8. I loved that there were stories there I had forgotten about
9. It was even funny to see some of the outfits I wore! (Coloured tights????)
10. Not one of the albums started out with intentions, it just charted the month as an illustrated diary, no prompts, just something from each day.

So this has made me decide to have some intentions for this year. 
Christmas is about family and although the boys are older, 25 and 21 and I wont see my younger son until late on Dec 23rd when he comes home on his brother's 25 birthday, I can still chart how we spend the month interacting as we live now. My elder son is living back home after being at Uni last December.
I'm all about the decorations! Some years, with school getting in the way, I have had to fling things together with a bit of an 'it will do' attitude. This year, I can make myself happy by giving it more thought and crafty time! So grateful for that.
Last year it was all about the new puppy, this year Sergio is one and we can resume living in most of the house, not just the kitchen!! I wonder what he will make of the tree this year?
Another year has come to a close and I have still got both my parents, despite a very tricky year with dad after his fall. He is now back at home with mum and this Christmas they will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary! That will be something to document.
We have our usual December family birthdays and the Christmas festival to attend, no decorations have gone up yet and not cards written or presents wrapped!
It's my turn to host Christmas lunch and my sister in law and family are over from Germany so I will be hosting all of hubby's family on Boxing day.
Maybe if I get this year's December daily completed that might be my own little Christmas miracle! Watch this space! I will try to blog and at least Instagram daily.
I'm starting this morning by getting Project Life up to date, just Week 48 to do.
Thanks for looking and good luck with your documenting!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Christmas Inspiration and how to go from 'Pin' to page - Cameo Classroom

Here is a foundation page I have made using my Silhouette Cameo and I'm going to show you how you can do it too!
When this little beauty dropped through my letterbox, advertising the Christmas shopping events locally, I knew it would be inspiration for my December daily, I just wasn't sure how. I decided to cut out the elements in lots of different papers using my Cameo.
I used gold and aqua vellum, gold and mushroom coloured glitter paper, red mirri board and some green patterned paper for the holly from Shimelle's Christmas magic collection. The white plastic doily is left over from a Studio calico kit I had ages ago.
A lot of the designs have been made from outlines I have pinned to my Christmas Graphics Pinterest board here, or my Christmas cut files and printables board here.
The snowflake for instance was a pattern for how to hand cut a snowflake here and I have used the trace and cut feature in the Silhouette Cameo software to let my machine cut it out for me on a small scale. Here's how you can do it too. (By the way, I have Silhouette Designer Edition software, but it works on the normal software too, just the dashboard of the software can look different.)
Step 1
Open the graphic in your silhouette software, by searching where you have saved it on your PC with the command file open at the top left.
Step 2
Click on the trace feature on the top right hand side. It is a blue box with a yellow outline, I have highlighted it here in blue at the top right, that opens the trace window.
Click on slect trace are at the top in the trace window and then click and drag a square over the first snowflake you want to trace.
In the trace window a little lower down, un-check the High pass filter and the design should go yellow like this. When it looks like this, you need to hit the 'Trace' button which is a couple of buttons higher than the High Pass filter button.
Step 3
The design should now be traced with a red outline and you can click on it and move it to the side of your mat like I have here. Repeat this method with each snowflake type you want to trace. Once you have all your snowflakes ready you can delete the black and white original design from your mat to get it out of the way, by right clicking it and pressing delete. 
Now you can arrange your snowflake designs according to how many you want of each colour, making sure to choose the correct paper type and blade depth for each type of paper. I used the recommended settings in the drop down
 Handy Tip: I couldn't find the blade depth setting after my latest Silhouette software update! I put a plea out on social media and someone told me you have to click on the media type for the blade setting to appear. It is not obvious like it used to be! Above you can see I was clicked on a paper type from my last usage and there was no blade depth showing, I had to click again for it to appear below this window than I knew what depth to alter my blade to.
I never cease to be amazed by the detail this machine can cut. I had wondered if these designs were too hard but no, it cut them a treat in this gold vellum.
I did exactly the same with the deer silhouettes in glitter paper, the seed pods, the holly, the music notes and the stars. The hearts I used a punch.
This is how I arranged them on my 6x12 page of white card stock. I used the Martha Stewart ball point tip glue pen to stick them down.
Thank you for all your kind comment on the face book group. Thanks for looking and check out my Pinterest boards for more of my inspiration!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Free file tab cut file and wobbly circle die cut for December Daily

If you are joining in with Ali Edwards December Daily, you might like to use this free print and cut file for file tabs, I designed for the Silhouette Cameo.
First I decided on 15 things I would definitely be documenting, then I added them to ombre file tabs before printing out on sticker paper and cutting with my Cameo.
If you have the software, you can edit the tabs for your own use or remove the writing to just leave them blank. You can also change the size and colour to suit your format. I am using 6 x 12 this year so I wanted fairly large tabs. I may not use them all but its another option! This file is available to download here.
I also designed this cut file for a wobbly circles divider a bit like the one in last year's kit. It is 6x12 but you could resize it to 6x8 or 6x4. I cut it in Silhouette chipboard using two sheets and then glued them together, going to spray it white with Calico White from Mister Hueys. This file is available to download here. Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, 14 November 2015

December Daily Foundation pages Part 7

Page 30
This page is for the 23rd of December which is my son's 25th birthday this year. I have tried to give it more of a birthday vibe and used the 23 black gift tags from Ikea last year and the gold 25 from the Jasmine Jones kit in one of the 3x4 pockets. The bottom pocket is a journal card from the 6x4 Felix set from Seven paper. I can list 25 good times from over the years or ask him to.
Page 30
On the back of the cards I have added a 'ba hum bug' card from the jasmine Jones kit as my son always moans that  his birthday is overshadowed by Christmas! He should be thankful, he was actually due on Christmas day!
Not sure if I may need more room for Christmas Eve, I have started with a 6x12 divided page protector with two 6x4 slots available but as we have a family get together this year, it may need to have an extra page protector added. The 24 Kraft label tags were also from Ikea last year, the two cards in the 3x4 slots are from the Jasmine Jones kit. I like to add a carol quote on this date as we always used to go to midnight mass on Christmas eve. 
Page 31
The back of the Kraft tags are showing and I think this may be a pocket I sew up with sequins inside.
The biblical quote on this card is from the Jasmine Jones kit.
The right hand 5x12 page is the other half of the Maggie Holmes Confetti hooray paper and I thought it heralded the start of the big day quite well! I have added the acetate 25 from the Felix collection from 7 paper and will stitch this in place nearer the time.
Page 32
I backed the hooray paper with the red Felix 012 paper as Christmas day says red to me!! I added the gold acrylic 'Joy' word from Jasmine Jones at Studio Calico and may stitch through this by hand to hold it on. The page protector on the right is a 12 x 12 project life page protector I fused using the Photo fuse tool, into two 6x12 pages, then I scored with a bone folder and creased to make a fold out page. The outer cover contains the gold 25 6x8 page from the Jasmine Jones kit with the red 'Merry Christmas' card trimmed from another 6x8 page soo that it fits above.I added the acetate holly sprig from the Jasmine Jones mini kit on top.
Inside the fold out page is the card that says 'Christmas morning and the rest is all plain white for now until I know how many photo's I want to fit on here. I like the interactive fold out aspect of it.