Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to Minc a printable

My Minc foil came yesterday, I ordered gold and mint green, so I have been able to experiment some more with my new machine from Heidi Swapp. 
I have shown in an earlier blog post how it foils cut files beautifully and I wanted to experiment by foiling on patterned paper. All you need to do is laser print onto patterned paper and then run it through your Minc machine.
I also wanted to try foiling a printable, so I downloaded Heidi Swapp's free printable from her planner last year ( link on my Pinterest board here) and printed it out in black and white. This was quite successful but if you have a pattern with a lot of shading in the background don't forget this may foil too.
I then tried importing the printable into Photoshop and colouring all the coloured elements black using the paint bucket and saving each individual card as a 3x4 before printing them off on a laser printer and then foiling.
It is really hard to photograph the foil effect but I hope you can see! TFLx

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Sandra said...

You are just so talented and creative