Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Minc combined with Letterpress? Yes you can!

I recently bought this confetti Letterpress plate from Studio Calico here in their shop and had not used it. Today I had the idea to combine it with my new Minc machine to foil it! If you have access to a laser printer at home this is quick and relatively easy in three easy steps.
Step 1 - I saved the image from the shop page and resized it in word to 15cm, but you could ink it up and stamp it and then scan it into photoshop on your PC and fill colour it with black.
Next I printed this image on card using my laser printer. You can only use lightweight card that will go through your printer so the Letterpress impression will not be very deep but it still looks good.
Step 2 - Run the laser copy through your Minc machine with the foil colour of your choice. I shared a video of this on Instagram.
Step 3 - Line the letterpress plate directly over the foiled pattern and tape in place with washi tape. Make your normal letterpress sandwich with any extra shims of card as necessary and run through your Cuttlebug etc. 
All done! It's as easy as that!
I also experimented with foiling and then stitching today and made this card.
I then used it on a layout. TFLx


Sandra said...

It's gorgeous

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Oh how gorgeous! The letterpress is so clever and your stitching on the foil is breathtakingly lovely.