Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thursday's Planner update!

I'm hoping this becomes a regular feature!
I have been keeping up to date writing wise with my planner but decorating wise no, so here goes!
Remember my ideas for getting together a box of goodies? Well here is what I did.
I pulled out the little box of goodies of labels and tapes etc and my colour coded die cuts boxes from my Raskog cart (see previous post) and I got started! This week is all about pink and blue.
I added a tiny picture too, printed an index print on presentation paper and punched it out with my 1 inch square punch.
Totally up to date now! 
For more details of what's in the planner, watch Heidi on My Craft Channel here. TFLx

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Really looking fabulous. I'm slightly obsessed by looking at how people decorate their planners x