Monday, 16 February 2015

More Pinspiration to make a layout!

How many of you have Pinterest boards with Pins you never use??? Go on, admit it!! Sometimes it's a layout and sometimes it's just something that catches your eye! This pin inspired me the other day, and I turned it into this layout.
First of all I date stamped onto white card stock using my normal date stamp and the date I wanted. Then I scanned it into my PC and printed it out on A4 size to check what it looked like. I then printed it out again, this time onto my background paper. Loved it!
This is another advantage of scrapping at 8.5x11 size, it fits in my printer! I trimmed it and mounted it on an background sheet of white card stock to frame it, stitching it in place with my sewing machine.

I then took the scraps that were left on my desk from the prvious 2apple of my eye" layout and cut them into strips that I stitched down the right hand side of the layou. I also stitched some together to make a mat for my photo. I added the foiled card "today" as my title. A little bit of journaling on one of the scraps of paper said it all about my nieces **birthday! She's not counting!! TFLx

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Sandra said...

I would never have thought of doing this, it's amazing