Thursday, 19 February 2015

Thursday's Planner Update - using printables

Introducing some blue this week, taking the lead from what I've seen in the shops clothing wise. I was a bit light on journaling so I took the lead from this PL card and stuck it across two days, writing down what makes me happy at the moment. 
We all have access to printables on the web and if you print them out smaller, say two sheets to a page, they become more useful in planners. I searched for some on my hard drive and found these.
Print them out on sticker paper or just normal presentation paper. You can then punch them out or trim them to use in your planner.
Heidi Swapp has some free printables from her memory file last year, available for each month. I have pinned them to my Planner Ideas Pinterest board here. I printed one out and trimmed it to fit in this page protector above my favourite photo so far this month!
Yes, you've guessed it! The little chap! Who could resist this pose? TFLx


Sandra said...

I'm absolutely in awe of your planner

Emilie LaCokine said...

Hi! I saw you asked about your sticky mat on Paige's instagram. I just tried Aleene's tack it over and over on mine. I have not had time (baby is sick) to run it through my silhouette but it looks real good and the right amount of sticky. You need to use half and half water and glue. See this link :