Monday, 13 April 2015

Wardrobe reorganisation hints and tips!!

 So this is what we are aiming for, a highly organised wardrobe/closet space that has everything within easy reach!
 If you follow my Pinterest boards, you will see I have a board labelled organisation and there is nothing better than pinning ideas for easy fix solutions. I decided it was high time I made some of them happen!
I am totally envious of the Americans with their walk in wardrobes, but we over here usually have a double wardrobe like this! In our bedroom we actually have three built in double wardrobes, two of which hubby has!!! I know! Go figure! Storage for all of his suits and shirts!! 
I do have drawers in my dressing table that hold all my underwear but other than that this cupboard is it!! 
So first I emptied it all out, all over the bed!
All the shoes were on the top shelf and just too difficult to reach with my bad shoulder, so first I purged the shoes!!
I do have mismatched shoe boxes I've kept over the years, so I ditched some shoes and just selected some to keep in shoe boxes and a few pairs from Sainsbury's etc that were loose.

Next I got hubby to make me some shelves using MDF, cheap and cheerful, with side battens and a loose shelf, spaced so I can used one for jumpers, one for t shirts and one for cardigans etc. 

He also put one above the main shelf so I could select five or six handbags to keep in shoe carriers dust free. I also put a few clutch bags in a wooden wine crate on the top shelf so they all stood up. You could use a baking tray vertical storage rack too (see my Pinterest board here)
With my knee boots stood below the bottom shelf (using my flip flops as boot trees to stand them upright!)
Next job hangers.
I used wooden trouser hangers and velvet covered hangers from Poundstretcher. The wooden ones take the weight of jeans well and the velvet cheap ones are good for tops as they are very narrow so you get more on the rail as well as holding the clothes on instead of letting them slip off. I always group my clothes by colour too, as I think it makes it easier to choose outfits.
Next scarves, and do I have a lot of scarves!!
I put a dowel on the back of each door with cup hooks, being careful not to screw them right through to the front of the door!!!  You can either hang the scarves on the dowel, like I used to until I got too many and now I knot them on trouser hangers, which hook on the dowelling rail. Belts hand behind the dowel keeping them handy too.
The other door has more scarves and a necklace hanger from Primark. Hanging the scarves behind the necklaces cushions the sound when you open the wardrobe doors.
Two stacking boxes on the top shelf, one for swimwear and one yet to be filled!
Two bin bags full for charity and all my plastic hangers taken to the tip. I also reinstated my charity shop mug tree as a bracelet and bangle holder on the top shelf. (sometimes it is a washi tape stand on my craft desk!!)
 Finally I now have more room for these new beauties!!!! You've got to love birthdays and a son who works there and uses his staff discount to treat his mother!!!! TFLx
P.S. I do a winter summer clothing swap to the drawer under the spare bed for extra seasonal storage and coats go in the back bedroom wardrobe.

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Sandra said...

A good job done. I must admit I put my summer/winter clothes away in the loft. Makes things easier.

I'm about to do a big purge on our wardrobe