Friday, 30 October 2015

Christmas card ideas using dies - positive and negative cuts

 This year I have decided to make all my own Christmas cards in a stash-busting effort to use up my supplies.

I bought one die from Studio Calico called the tree line die and used it in various ways to make these cards and more.

When making your a lot of your own cards, it's important to hit on a simple formula that doesn't take too long to create. I also like a simple look. I thought when I bought the die it would cut out tree shaped holes in the front of the card, but it left it all attached. 
I worked out initially It would have to be a positive shape not a negative shape in a crad front.
I cut two out of contrasting papers, intertwined them and then cut a slit in the card front to tuck the band of paper in so that it made the trees more 3D.
We have ridiculous postage sizing in this country that means any letter that is not flat has to go at a higher rate, so this was a way of saving postage costs, i.e. the recipient has to tuck the tree line in on arrival!
I then tried again to cut out the trees in a card front and realised if I created a second line under the first with my craft knife it released the cut out trees and then I have a positive to use on one card and a negative on another.

negative and so it goes on!

I hope you give it a go and "copy that card!" Lots of variations from one die!

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voodoo vixen said...

Totally agree about the silly costing of postage and you have worked out a brilliant way of using the die both pos and neg features!! I will have a look and see if I have something I can use in a similar way... stash busting sounds good!