Sunday, 1 November 2015

December Daily 2015 foundation pages part 1

Each year I am excited to start this project and in the past I have prepared my pages in advance, so this year is no exception. What I have learnt over the last five December albums I have done is THINGS CHANGE!
Every year I think I want a more minimal look and every year it never works out that way! I want to cram lots in! So I am learning to be more flexible and know that what I have done so far, is not set in stone. I have left more gaps this time! I have resisted stitching or sticking anything down I know it will evolve!
First things first: 
(As I said in my previous post I am working in 6 x 12 for the first time)
1. I am using one of the Ali Edwards mini kits from Jasmine Jones with some of the Studio Calico Felix line from 7 paper. A mixture of numbers from my stash and the Amelia transparency numbers from Studio Calico
2. I am trying to stick to a simple colour palette.
3. I have printed off a planning calendar sheet from Pinterest here and entered any events I am sure are happening for the month, so I know what space to allow.
4. Some of my pages are smaller than others intentionally to break it up and I have added some acetate and vellum dividers ( shown here) in there too for more fun. (These can and will move!)
So let's get started!
My title page I blogged here if you missed it and so this meant I had a 6x12 pocket for day 1. (I am thinking a double page spread covers it for most days with extras added if needed.)
Page 1:
On the left I had the back of the Felix 009 paper which was a brick wall. I added the December calendar page from Jasmine Jones kit to the back of it and there is space above and below to document "the reason why". Opposite I am using a standard pocket page from this album that was included, so a 6x4 top and bottom and two 3 x 4 pockets in the centre. In the top pocket I placed a number 1 transparency from the Amelia acetate set and the acetate word December from Jasmine Jones' kit, (still loose and not sure how I am securing them yet. May be stitching) The middle pages are blank for two small photo's from the day and the bottom pocket has a journaling card 'tis the season' in gold, from the Felix 4x6 journaling card set.

Page 2
Turning over, on the back it shows the back of the acetate number and December in the top pocket and the back of the 'tis the season card that is pink! I quite liked this so I decided to leave them there and not cover them and have space for two more 3x4 photo's or journaling to go with day 1. This sets the scene for the colour scheme for December 2nd and I have added to the pink theme here! 
In the top pocket I found two chipboard frames in my stash, (Crate paper open road) one pink and one grey and I am mounting them back to back eventually with a photo inside. As they don't fill the whole pocket, I am probably going to add a few sequins and stitch the pocket up at the top to stop it all falling out!
This page has the two 3x4 pockets filled, one with a Jasmine Jones card from her kit and the other with a gold '2' cut from a Crate paper poolside cut up acetate sheet I had in my stash. I then placed the snow-globe from the acetate shapes from the 7 paper Felix line behind it to bring that aqua colour back in.
In the bottom pocket there is a Felix 6x4 card that says 'card list' as I am thinking I will be on with my Christmas cards this early in the month.
Page 3
The back of the page shows the grey frame in the top pocket and the back of the snow globe and the Jasmine Jones card in aqua. I added a white card from Jasmine's kit to the bottom pocket but this might end up having a photo in there depending how many pics I have on that day.
The right hand page of this spread is a narrow 5x12 page protector I made myself. At the moment it has the Seven paper Felix paper 012 in it and a December flair badge on a red foil star punch-out on an acrylic lace doily just loosely place on top. This may stay plain as a divider or it may end up with a photo on, not sure, flexible.

Page 4
The back of paper 012 is grey and I like it so I left it! It may stay that way! Another divided page protector opposite, this time with one 6x4 pocket and 1 3x4 pocket left empty for photographs and the other two containing acetate elements, a doily under a chipboard 3 and the bottom pocket an acetate star from a recent SC project life kit. These last two pockets will remain see through, I like that in the album.
Here you can see it in the album showing a frame underneath and when we turn the page we can see it reveals a 6x12 page with another chipboard frame on it from Crate paper open road collection. By positioning the frame here I can protect that blank space when I add photo and journaling to the 6x12, so the see through element remains.
I can use the back of the 6x4 and 3x4 pocket for photos and journaling for day 3 too. I will be covering the back of that chipboard 3 in patterned paper or embossing powder when I get here.
So that's enough for one post! Join me again soon for my next few days!!


Sandra said...

I'm always in awe of your albums

BeautyScraps said...

a beautiful start! Now I can't wait to start my prepping!