Thursday, 5 November 2015

December Daily 2015 Foundation Pages Part 3

Following on in my album:
Page 11
The left hand page has the back of the two 3x4 cards from the Jasmine Jones mini kit and to the green one I added acetate from the Felix pack that said "All I want for Christmas".
The right hand side has the top pocket empty for a photograph ans the middle two filled with 3x4 cards. I added a gold foil 8 to the red card. The gold foil "together" card is in the bottom pocket.
Page 12
The 3x4 cards are the back of the previous page cards, but the bottom card is a card from the 7 paper Felix 6x4 card set. The right hand page is a narrow page protector 5x12 that I made with my fuse tool. I trimmed this 6x8 card from the JJ mini kit to fit in it and there is still room at the top of the pocket to add something else (a photo or some sequins with my fuse tool.)
Page 13
The back of the 6x8 JJ mini kit card has journaling lines that I might use, so I keep that on the left hand side. By this time in the month I am hoping my gift list is completed so I have added that card on the right hand side with a chipboard 9 over some acetate snowflakes from the Felix acetate set. The other 3x4 is blank for a photo and the top pocket has red striped border card in at the moment which could contain another photograph made smaller to sit in the frame.
Page 14
The other side of that top 6x4 card here is Merry Christmas from the Jasmine Jones kit. The back of that chipboard ( needs embossing and then in the lower pocket is a family recipe card. The 3x4 on this page will hold a photo.
The right 6 x 12 page protector is a resized digital print from Ali's Main kit which I printed on vellum. At the moment it also has an acetate "tis the season" disc and a gold "for you" acrylic work by Jasmine Jones at Studio Calico. If you want to see printing on vellum see this post here. (Also there are tips on other ways to include vellum here from my 2013 album.)

Page 15
I love how the back of the vellum page is just as good as the front!  The right hand side is a 6x12 page with an acetate number 10 loose on the top at the moment. I  may stitch this in place eventually. 
Page 12
The back of the Felix 007 paper is shown here on the left and I will make a 6x12 layout out of this page, like a scrapbook normal layout to add variety.
On the right the start card is in the top 6x4 pocket and an acetate 11 is in the bottom pocket. The two 3x4 pockets in the centre are for photo's and journaling. I may seal up the side of the acetate 11 with my fuse tool and make a sequin pocket here.
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