Tuesday, 3 November 2015

December Daily foundation pages Part 2

Page 5
 Following on in my album I have a 6x12 page using some more 009 Felix paper from Seven paper with an acrylic word by Jasmine Jones at Studio Calico. The right hand page protector has a blank 6x4 pocket at the top, an acetate tree from the Felix collection and a 4 cut from the Poolside foil cut out acetate over another acrylic doily. The card in the bottom pocket for journaling is a Felix card from the 6x4 pack at 7 paper. We often put our tree up about this date.

Page 6
This shows the back of the acetate doily and the acetate tree and the back of the journaling card opposite another 6x12 page of paper ) 03 from the Felix collection.
 Page 7
This shows the back of paper 003 opposite a pocket page protector with two blank 6x4 pockets ready for photographs and two 3x4 pockets with 3x4 cards in. This date is my husbands birthday so I used the "Today is" card from the Jasmine Jones mini kit. I added a large gold 5 sticker to another Jasmine Jones card for the date.

 Page 8
This shows the back of the two 3x4 cards that I can use for journaling and the two 6x4 pockets empty for photographs. I may not need all of these pockets for pics but I can fill them up in other ways. I used another chipboard number for the date in the right hand page protector and placed it on a 3x4 card. I may stitch it in place I'm not sure yet. I added the Jasmine Jones foiled star card on those page too. the top pocket has a piece of wood-grain white card-stock in it. Not sure what I am doing on that yet. Maybe watercolour.
Page 9
This shows the back of the Jasmine Jones cards and the white card stock. The right hand page has a piece of numbered acetate in gold with a chipboard 7 stuck on top with some Jasmine Jones Washi tape from the kit. I may leave it like this or stitch it, or move the number if I need to.
Page 10
This shows the back of the acetate page and two 3x4 cards in the right hand page protector from the Jasmine Jones mini kit. 
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