Tuesday, 1 December 2015

It's here! December Daily 2015! Bring it on!

I have set aside today for me! I have lots of jobs to do and get caught up so I can enjoy December and all it brings. Fortunately, today is wet and horrid so I intend to stay indoors!
December has come round quickly once again and I am very thankful that I got something organised early in the way of foundation pages. I am also thankful that this year I am not working, so I hope to enjoy the season more!
My day started with getting out my old December Dailys and looking through the ones for 2009, 2010 and 2011. Here is what I noticed I liked about the albums:
1. I liked the interactive elements
2. I loved the Christmas cards and tags I included
3. I loved the Menus and cracker jokes I added
4. I liked that I had talked about what stage each of us was at
5. I liked that I included recipes
6. I liked the variety of page sizes and shapes
7. I liked the transparent elements
8. I loved that there were stories there I had forgotten about
9. It was even funny to see some of the outfits I wore! (Coloured tights????)
10. Not one of the albums started out with intentions, it just charted the month as an illustrated diary, no prompts, just something from each day.

So this has made me decide to have some intentions for this year. 
Christmas is about family and although the boys are older, 25 and 21 and I wont see my younger son until late on Dec 23rd when he comes home on his brother's 25 birthday, I can still chart how we spend the month interacting as we live now. My elder son is living back home after being at Uni last December.
I'm all about the decorations! Some years, with school getting in the way, I have had to fling things together with a bit of an 'it will do' attitude. This year, I can make myself happy by giving it more thought and crafty time! So grateful for that.
Last year it was all about the new puppy, this year Sergio is one and we can resume living in most of the house, not just the kitchen!! I wonder what he will make of the tree this year?
Another year has come to a close and I have still got both my parents, despite a very tricky year with dad after his fall. He is now back at home with mum and this Christmas they will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary! That will be something to document.
We have our usual December family birthdays and the Christmas festival to attend, no decorations have gone up yet and not cards written or presents wrapped!
It's my turn to host Christmas lunch and my sister in law and family are over from Germany so I will be hosting all of hubby's family on Boxing day.
Maybe if I get this year's December daily completed that might be my own little Christmas miracle! Watch this space! I will try to blog and at least Instagram daily.
I'm starting this morning by getting Project Life up to date, just Week 48 to do.
Thanks for looking and good luck with your documenting!

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Sandra said...

So glad to hear your dad is back at home. That brings huge joy to me.

I'm a little envious though that you're resuming life again, whereas I feel I'm still truly stuck in puppyhood lol xxx