Friday, 30 January 2015

Switching up my Layouts 2015

I have decided to scrap 8.5 x 11 this year after enjoying my December Daily so much. I had the albums and just needed to get my head around  simple scrapbooking. I am one of those who has got hung up on 'is mine good enough?' but guess what, I think I have finally decided to do what I feel and if that means each layout is different and the album not that cohesive I don't mind, be scary, be creative and see what happens!
This layout just happened. I am embracing a previously scary colour of lilac/purple right now and dug out these old Lemon Lush papers. I'm not sure how the triangle theme came into being, but it just happened and I like it! I used one of my Minc foiled cards here for a title and some journaling in a triangle, but the stitching was what pulled it together for me.
This layout used some of my Minc foiled cards again and a Letterpress card I did. White on  white appeals to me at the moment. I like the recent addition of digital Journal cards over at Studio Calico, because you can print several and cut them or punch them out without worrying you ruined the only one!
This one used my Cameo to cut out a large title from the background and place a contrast paper behind. I added stitching again. I filled the O with glue and added neon sequins for more texture. Still kept it simple. TFLx

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Thursday's planner update

This week I included a couple of small photographs printed out on photo paper, one of the snow and one of my new car. I went with Flamingo, Purple Rain, Blush Crush Studio Calico ink and Spiced tin and Brown Sugar Jenni Bowlin ink too. ink this week for my stamping and added some embellishments from my pink and purple box.
A tricky week this week for me so needed a couple of inspirational quotes in there too!

Also decided this month at a glance page looked boring, so whilst I had my stamps out I went for it on these pages too! TFlx

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thursday's planner update

 This week I got carried away with my decorating! Out with the stamps and ink and off I went!
I added a Heidi Swapp frame with a photograph on the bottom two rings of the binder using my Cropadile Mega Punch. 
Other things I used were stickers stamps and washi tape. Still mostly documenting the new puppy but other bits and pieces too. The photographs I'm adding are just printed on card not photo paper. TFLx

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Minc combined with Letterpress? Yes you can!

I recently bought this confetti Letterpress plate from Studio Calico here in their shop and had not used it. Today I had the idea to combine it with my new Minc machine to foil it! If you have access to a laser printer at home this is quick and relatively easy in three easy steps.
Step 1 - I saved the image from the shop page and resized it in word to 15cm, but you could ink it up and stamp it and then scan it into photoshop on your PC and fill colour it with black.
Next I printed this image on card using my laser printer. You can only use lightweight card that will go through your printer so the Letterpress impression will not be very deep but it still looks good.
Step 2 - Run the laser copy through your Minc machine with the foil colour of your choice. I shared a video of this on Instagram.
Step 3 - Line the letterpress plate directly over the foiled pattern and tape in place with washi tape. Make your normal letterpress sandwich with any extra shims of card as necessary and run through your Cuttlebug etc. 
All done! It's as easy as that!
I also experimented with foiling and then stitching today and made this card.
I then used it on a layout. TFLx

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Week 2 Project Life 2015 Digital printable cards

This month Studio calico released some of their Project Life cards in digital format and as soon as I saw the dog card, I knew I had to buy them! I can see I will be using this one a lot!
This year I am experimenting with different page protector layouts and challenging myself to break away from my usual Design A. 
Still carrying on the mint and yellow theme of the last kit and using up some cards from December, I was continuing to keep it a simple unfussy style. Just one photo and black and white at that. The Number 1,2,3, cards are great for documenting what life is like right now. The top one is stamped with am routine and the middle one with pm routine. The bottom one is status update. I stamped with Studio calico glass slipper ink, pastel green.
I do feel the need to decorate from time to time so on the RHS I let myself decorate a 6x4 card.
Taking inspiration from the background paper I cut out some houses, stamped some windows and added the crepe paper borders as grass. I found some old trees and cloud embellishments in my Black embellishments box that were a perfect size and added them. Stamping windows inn black and adding window panes with my white pen added a homemade feel to it, as did the line of stitching across the bottom to hold it all in place. I stamped the tiny dog and the word Home and then filled in the quote "A house is not a HOME without a dog" by hand. Love it!
This is where it fits. More stamping on this page included the sunshine on the yellow card and the tiny icons on the card that is headed "around here" A couple more photos of you know who and a quick reminder of my one little word for 2015 'Live' and it was done.
I know it is all puppy related but that's what it's like around here right now! TFLx

Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to Minc a printable

My Minc foil came yesterday, I ordered gold and mint green, so I have been able to experiment some more with my new machine from Heidi Swapp. 
I have shown in an earlier blog post how it foils cut files beautifully and I wanted to experiment by foiling on patterned paper. All you need to do is laser print onto patterned paper and then run it through your Minc machine.
I also wanted to try foiling a printable, so I downloaded Heidi Swapp's free printable from her planner last year ( link on my Pinterest board here) and printed it out in black and white. This was quite successful but if you have a pattern with a lot of shading in the background don't forget this may foil too.
I then tried importing the printable into Photoshop and colouring all the coloured elements black using the paint bucket and saving each individual card as a 3x4 before printing them off on a laser printer and then foiling.
It is really hard to photograph the foil effect but I hope you can see! TFLx

Friday, 16 January 2015

How to Minc your own cards and embellishments

I had been looking forward to seeing the new Heidi Swapp Minc in action at CHA and was delighted to be able to order one and get it in my hands so quickly! It arrived yesterday! I could see the potential in this item and can't wait to get started, unfortunately my supply of foils did not come yet so the sample piece in the box is all I have to play with! Here is what I did.
I realised that I could use any of my cut file pngs to make my own Project Life cards and embellishments for personal use only. It is so easy if you have access to a laser photocopier.
1. First of all, in Photoshop separate your die cut pngs and crop them out individually if you want the item on its own card, if you want a set of embellishments, just leave them all together.
2. Open a new canvas and size it to the card you want, this one is a 3x4 and then place the png where you want it on the card, save it as a png or jpeg and print it out now if you want, but I made several and then added them to a word document before printing several on one sheet.
Here are the ones I printed off using my normal printer at home and then I took them to get laser printed - make sure if you are using them for Project Life you get them laser printed on card or, as I did on presentation paper.
4. Once you have the laser copies, switch on the Minc.
Mine came with an English plug on and heated up very quickly. I used heat setting 3, added the foil over the top of the laser printing and placed it in the carrier sheet that comes with the machine. I ran it through and that's it! Fantastic results that I am really pleased with! The possibilities are endless.
I tried words, backgrounds resized to 6x4 for a PL card, digital frames that I couloured black before printing, a digital project life card that I coloured black before printing, the ampersand and the arrows, all looking awesome! As I said the possibilities are endless!
You could type up your own text, laser copy the whole page and then foil it! Draw your own design colour it black and get it laser copied. the worst part is I ran out of foil! TFLx

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thursday's Planner update!

I'm hoping this becomes a regular feature!
I have been keeping up to date writing wise with my planner but decorating wise no, so here goes!
Remember my ideas for getting together a box of goodies? Well here is what I did.
I pulled out the little box of goodies of labels and tapes etc and my colour coded die cuts boxes from my Raskog cart (see previous post) and I got started! This week is all about pink and blue.
I added a tiny picture too, printed an index print on presentation paper and punched it out with my 1 inch square punch.
Totally up to date now! 
For more details of what's in the planner, watch Heidi on My Craft Channel here. TFLx

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Week 1 Project Life 2015 - Love the colours!

I don't do purple or lilac usually but I'm loving the combo of colours in this kit! 
One of my goals for Project Life 2015 is to simplify it so it's not so busy with pictures. Taking the Day by Day class at Studio Calico with Nicole Reaves has helped me think about exactly which photo's I want in this album. For years I have taken a photo a day but now I think which are the important ones to tell our story? I think I'm moving away from an illustrated diary type album as they have been before, maybe it's because Ive started the planner this year for a lot of that information.
I do my Project Life week starting on a Sunday to the following Saturday, because I always scrapped it on a Sunday, I'm sticking with that this year too but it meant Week 1 had only three days worth of pictures, so I just selected one.
This page has heat embossing of my one little word for this year and the quote to go with it - LIVE. I am guilty of planning ahead and not actually using today very well, so I'm hoping this is a reminder to not let my life pass by, whilst making plans! Embossing LIVE on that everyday card was inspired! Love the mustard embossing powder too! Who says I don't like yellow??????
This page sits opposite the back of my title page and the colours are reflected perfectly. Love it! It's not often you hear me say that about my own work! TFLx

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Title page Project Life 2015

I decided on a black and white theme to my title page with a hint of gold foil! 
I actually designed this as a 12 x 12 page and then cut it up into sections to fit a design A page protector. 
First I picked my favourite black and white papers of the moment. I love this Ranunculus paper that In a Creative bubble designed and I bought the paper with this in mind. 
I cut our name from printable gold foil using my Cameo and the year too. The font was a free script font available online. 
The impromptu photo of the four of us with our new puppy was taken in a hurry before my son went off back to London after Christmas and I like how its got a casual feel.
The lattice from my recent Project Life kit gives a transparent element that I like. The 'Just Start' card was perfect!
Here is the back of the page
I don't normally do purple so this is a first for me! I remember it being a favourite colour of mine back in the 70s when I was young! I like how it contrast with the mint. Just goes to show how a monthly kit is good for making you try new things! Will share my week 1 page soon that is the same colour scheme, check it out over on Instagram if you can't wait, link in sidebar. TFLx

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Organising my IKEA Raskog cart for Project Life

I, like many other crafters, have treated myself to a Raskog Cart from Ikea to help organise my crafty supplies and I have recently updated it so here is how I do it!
On the top shelf I have my most frequently used stamps in DVD cases.
I did this a while ago and you can see my original post further back in my blog, but recently I have simplified it and put each complete set of stamps on their backing sheet straight in each box. I wanted to be able to flip through them for easy access so I selected a dozen I use the most and put them in a clear plastic box from Ikea, on the top shelf of my cart. To the side I keep my newest alpha stamp set in a handbook page protector.

The rest of the top shelf is made up of my colour coded embellishments in recycled business card boxes. I blogged about how to do that here.
This system has been working really well for me and because I don't have heaps of embellishments, these boxes are big enough.
On the rest of the top shelf I have my 'go to' tools. Two ceramic yoghurt pots at the back, with my pens, knives, tiny attacher etc handy. In front of them my go to wet adhesives and glue dots.
I then used a Studio Calico Project Life box as a tray to hold my Heidi Swapp date stamp and Jenni bowlin black ink with my most used stamp block, then right at the front a small selection of tools, corner rounder, scoring blade for my trimmer, washi tape for securing paper to my Cameo mat, Amy Tangerine paper piercer, Heidi Swapp distressing tool, rubber, foam dots, spare blades for my craft knife, spare staples for the tiny attacher and a pin to unblock my Glossy accents glue! Top shelf done!
Second shelf has been reorganised so I can fit my ink pads on the cart.
The newer Project Life boxes from Studio Calico are great for storing ink pads. I got my Jenni Bowlin inks on one box as a bottom layer.....
Then my Studio Calico inks in a second layer on top.
To the left I have my other inks that I use the most often. Brillianc gold and Encore silver, Versafine black, Versamark for embossing and Archival black and Stazon for waterproof work. A couple of Hero shadow inks that I use a lot too - Wet Cement is a fave!
At the back is another SC box I use to store my 6 x 6 paper pads. I made it like this one here in this blog post, but left the top open.
On the middle shelf to the right of this ink storage I used to have my open die cut storage like this...

This was not great for me as it collected dust! (No lid) and I wanted the tray to put all my ever growing collection of wood veneer in! So, I went back to my tried and trusty business card boxes for die cut storage according to colour!
I glued a tag of each colour to the side of each box for easy reference. These all fit nicely into another clear IKEA box so I could lift the whole thing out onto my table.
Middle shelf completed.
Bottom shelf is Project Life related. 
On the left hand side of the bottom shelf I have put the storage tray I made from a magazine holder for my spare 3x4 PL cards. You can see how I made it here. I keep larger tags in the back of this and one or two extra shadow inks from Hero Arts. 
The three older SC Project Life boxes on this shelf hold my other tags of all sizes, Frames of various makes and tiny alpha sticker sheets. 
To the right of these sits my box of 6x4 PL cards arranged in colour order using my own file divider tabs that I cut on my Cameo. You can download this cut file free here. At the far right of this bottom shelf, I keep my Cuttlebug cutting plates for quick die cutting.
The small metal bucket you can see hold scraps of 3x4 cards that I have cut up, so if I want a tiny piece to stamp on I can grab and go. The space that is left is where the box containing my current Project Life kit sits when not in use on my desk. I have to say I am not a fan of the update boxes that we get now, so I kept an old one of the magnetic closing type and as soon as my current kit arrives, I transfer it into the more sturdy box for safe keeping. Its much easier to have open on your desk!
So there you have it! How I organise my Raskog Cart. How about you? How do you organise yours? Any questions? just leave a comment below. TFLx

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lets do this planner thing! Getting started!

It came! My Heidi Swapp planner arrived in the post so I decided to get right on and make a start to catch up!
First of all I knew I wanted to add my word for 2015 to the opening cover page. Using gold foil letters I added "live" and the 2015 stamp from #studiocalico in blush pink ink.
The reason I have chosen this word is because I feel that I am always busy planning for the next thing and forget to live today!
Here is the quote I typed up and printed out for the first page, edged with metallic Washi tape from MME.

On the back of this quote card I made a pocket using a 6x4 printable Project Life Card from #studiocalico that matches the colour scheme. Here is where I hope to keep track of my water intake using a free printable from the web that is from my Pinterest board 'planner ideas' here.
The Month strip of dates did not  have days of the week on, so using a set of stamps I had, I added the days in black ink. Here I listed important schedule dates of appointments and work.
The next page was a Project Life card from the HS gold foil value kit that I used to outline my goals for taking photographs this year. Broke out more stamps on this one and used a grey ink.
In the page protector on the next page I added a couple of inspirational quotes I found in my stash and a stamp 'live creatively' that I stamped on another HS gold foil value kit card that I cut to size and rounded the corners.
Now to the to do list for my crafting! Lots of inspirational quotes on this page! Headed with Make Stuff!
This page may not be big enough! Ha ha!
The next page was the calendar pages for the month at a glance.
Here I added number stamps, these were the smallest I could find in my stash and transferred the appointment dates across. I made myself a bookmark from an old plastic one I had from my Basic Grey planner. I added gold arrows cut from a HS PL gold foil value kit card and stuck them on. This book mark can easily be removed and moved on.
I then moved on to the day by day pages and stamped them with the days of the week and wrote a little about what I had done each day in January so far,
So there it is! That took me all morning! I will have to get quicker if this is to work for me! TFLx