Friday, 27 February 2015

Planner Update Thursday on Friday!

On my previous planner post I mentioned printing out printables at a smaller scale to use in your planner, I printed out a few Studio Calico ones and have them on my desk in a metal bucket to hand for this process and this week they came in handy! My main go to ink colour for this week was spiced tin by Jenni Bowlin but Studio Calico have a similar colour called Deja Blue.
My embellishments this week included puffy stickers, stamping and some printed masking tape, all in all it's busy but I like it! One photo of my dad with Sergio! TFLx

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A good way to use up some Project Life card scraps

When I'm feeling brave I cut up Project Life cards!! I know it sounds daft, but sometimes it takes courage to cut into those little babies! Particularly if it's a fave one! Buying the Studio Calico digital journaling cards has made this a little more freeing, because I know I can print another if I make a mess! I always keep the offcuts in a little metal bucket on my desk, no matter how small they are. 
With the inspiration of a grid background, I suddenly realised I could put them to good use!  I made a grid pattern of my offcuts, leaving space for a small photo. I rounded corners here and there to make my design look uniform. I then realise that some of them could be used to make my title "I want to smile @ these 2 boys."
I glued the cards down and then stitched them in rows straight across and down the page, here and there. I like the random effect. 
The Thickers and a few enamel dots and some hearts punched and raised on foam dots add some more depth to the layout. I love it! TFLx

Saturday, 21 February 2015

A good way to use up some brads!

 I liked this Bon Jour card from the Studio Calico digital cards this month and I thought it was apt to go with this layout of the first time Sergio met my dad (an ex French teacher!)
I used white background card stock and added some Hero arts ink dauber to colourwash the background like sky.
I then printed off the Project Life card on a larger scale and chose to use up some of my coloured brads to outline each letter. 
I added a Minc foiled frame and some stamping to complement the coloured brads, along with a sunshine type washi tape. TFlx

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Thursday's Planner Update - using printables

Introducing some blue this week, taking the lead from what I've seen in the shops clothing wise. I was a bit light on journaling so I took the lead from this PL card and stuck it across two days, writing down what makes me happy at the moment. 
We all have access to printables on the web and if you print them out smaller, say two sheets to a page, they become more useful in planners. I searched for some on my hard drive and found these.
Print them out on sticker paper or just normal presentation paper. You can then punch them out or trim them to use in your planner.
Heidi Swapp has some free printables from her memory file last year, available for each month. I have pinned them to my Planner Ideas Pinterest board here. I printed one out and trimmed it to fit in this page protector above my favourite photo so far this month!
Yes, you've guessed it! The little chap! Who could resist this pose? TFLx

Monday, 16 February 2015

More Pinspiration to make a layout!

How many of you have Pinterest boards with Pins you never use??? Go on, admit it!! Sometimes it's a layout and sometimes it's just something that catches your eye! This pin inspired me the other day, and I turned it into this layout.
First of all I date stamped onto white card stock using my normal date stamp and the date I wanted. Then I scanned it into my PC and printed it out on A4 size to check what it looked like. I then printed it out again, this time onto my background paper. Loved it!
This is another advantage of scrapping at 8.5x11 size, it fits in my printer! I trimmed it and mounted it on an background sheet of white card stock to frame it, stitching it in place with my sewing machine.

I then took the scraps that were left on my desk from the prvious 2apple of my eye" layout and cut them into strips that I stitched down the right hand side of the layou. I also stitched some together to make a mat for my photo. I added the foiled card "today" as my title. A little bit of journaling on one of the scraps of paper said it all about my nieces **birthday! She's not counting!! TFLx

Sunday, 15 February 2015

More on the grid layouts using Pinspiration!

This grid layout was inspired by this Pinterest pin here. I have been inspired by  textile design a lot recently.

Using the Studio Calico Cirque digital papers I printed them out 4 to a page and trimmed them to 2.5" squares and then rounded the corners. I found a stamp in my collection that looked like a leaf and then used an exclamation mark as a stalk! I stamped with Jenni Bowlin brown sugar ink and Studio Calico going green ink. Some of the leaves I stamped and decoupaged to add dimension and the apples are stitched in place to add texture. Simple but great fun!
This layout was also inspired by textiles, using this pin here.

I used pattern papers for the irregular grid design and then added the black lines using stitching with an Amy Tangerine template and some black thread. The title is sun day using the little bag, which houses the journaling on a white tag.I doodled a border around the edge of the page as I felt it lacked something.
Have you used your Pinterest pins lately? TFLx

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Thursday's Planner Update

Moving into a new month, I decided to move into a new colour scheme and picked this jade green ink called Emerald City from Studio Calico. Green and orange are complimentary colours  so I introduced some of that too!
The sticker speech bubbles are from Paperchase, Washi tapes from Studio Calico kits.
Now I look at it, this week has lots of writing! I may add in a photo from the week on a tag, like I added in the embossed veneer tag from my stash to mark the cold snow y week.  Still enjoying this process and using all my stamps! TFLx

Monday, 9 February 2015

On the grid layout

I signed up to Studio Calico's on the grid class on the last day, as I was not sure about it but I love Marcy's work. I then decided to pin a few inspirational ideas for grid layouts. before I knew it I 'd made some even, before I'd started the class!!
For this layout I resized one of my recent snow photographs to 8x6 inches. I then cut it down into two halves that were 4 x 6 photographs and printed them off on my Selphy.
I replaced the four corners with 2x2 pictures that I also took on the same day, that I had printed as a collage on another 6x4. 

The title is a digital stamp -Brrr day that I altered and filled in with colour. When I had trimmed them all into 2x2 squares, I measured out on the background and glued them in place. most with flat glue but two with foam squares, the title and the footprint. 
I stitched between some squares with my machine and added some simple embellishments.  TFlx

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Thursday's planner update - January is a wrap!

Well I did it, I managed to keep up to date in my planner for the first month! At first I was worried it was going to be too much but I have had lots of fun! It might not be everyone's idea of how to do it, but it's quirky and fun and shouts 'me' + you get to use up lots of little supplies and stamps you have hanging around that have never been used before!
I have gone with a few post it notes with dachshunds and some puffy stickers this week and learned that you need to add the puffy stickers after you have written on the back of the page or it is very tricky! 
I also used some yellow, another colour I am learning to embrace!
The final page for the month had a purple theme. Love the Studio Calico Purple Rain ink. Here is where I added that project life sized card I made using a digital stamp, laser printed and then run through the Minc. 

In case you were wondering, yes I have bought a cheap laser printer! TFLx

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How to use the Minc on Acetate

I've been experimenting again and I decided to see if heat resistant acetate would go through the laser printer and then foil and the answer is yes it does! This is a cut file design I bought from Studio Calico, you can print the png files on to heat proof acetate in a laser printer and then add foil over the top, running it through the Minc on setting 2 was enough.
I made this design 8.5x11 and then stitched it on to white cardstock with sequins inside to make a giant confetti pocket background.
Keeping it simple I added a couple of digital project life cards also from Studio Calico, printed off at wallet size on my printer. Using Glass slipper ink from SC I starred the words that described how I felt about this picture. I also highlighted one of the 'U R Perfect' with the same ink colour to match the mint green foil.
My photo was cut to a heart shape and the title stamped on a triangle to match the geometric background. 
Still keeping it simple in 2015 and I'm loving it. TFLx

Monday, 2 February 2015

How to use digital project life cards on a layout

I have bought a few sets of digital PL cards by American Crafts before, but now Studio Calico have started to do them and I think it's great. A couple of posts ago, I talked about printing off several cards of one design and then using them to create punch outs. On this layout I just printed another copy of my favourite dog card from last month's set.
I also used all those chipboard words from the PL kit I got in the actual kit box! 
First I laid out the words in 2,3,4,5 letter word lists and selected a few to make a sentence and highlighted them with a yellow chalk ink pad.
I arranged them in an arrow shape and glued them down and then filled in with the left over words.

This layout is simple but effective and I love it! 
This layout was also made using the same set of digital cards but in a different way. This time I printed them all out as index prints.
I arranged them in a grid and then added a small photograph. Although I glued them down I did stitch them in rows too! Minimal embellishment and a small amount of journaling! Love this one too!  TFLx