Monday, 25 January 2016

Me & The Konmari Method of de-cluttering Part 2 Altered clothing

I must have made some impression on my de-cluttering in the few short weeks since Christmas, I have five empty storage boxes from the loft, I have a healthy eBay account (77 things have gone) and I have bags ready for charity.
So far I have tackled things I wanted to get done, later I will get to the things that need to be done but don't float my boat!
I started with my wardrobe and did a massive de-clutter and fold of everything I had before replacing. I did the shelves and one or two drawers in my dressing table. I got rid of shoes and boots I had not worn in ages, I sold three pairs of boots and intend to buy one new pair from the proceeds. Here is the charity pile!
Because I was asking 'does it bring me joy?' the clothes thing became easier. If I did not like how I looked in something, it headed to eBay or charity. If it did not sell on eBay, I have started to alter things into things I would wear.
Usually you don't like something because it doesn't fit very well, so I set up my sewing machine and started taking things in and adding darts here and there or turning things up if they were too long. I have reclaimed several items this way.
I had already started a Pinterest board about altered clothing and it has inspired me to have a go at changing a few more things! If it doesn't work I have not lost anything as it was going in the charity bag anyway!
So here is my first alteration. The scarf I liked but was huge and had a jade pompom edge I didn't like. I bought it in the sale as it matched my dog print skirt. First I folded it in half lengthways and cut it, then I refinished the long edge. I unpicked the pompom trim and I like it much better! In fact I could make two!
The cardigan was a 'Mantaray' cardigan with a crochet edging and pockets. It had a stain on the neck edge from a hairdressing incident, so I unpicked the neck edge and rolled a new hem to the outside and hemmed it by hand. I unpicked the pockets and removed them and where there were lines left where the pockets had been I stitched pintucks with a zig zag stitch to make some waist detail. 
I have also shortened a skirt by four inches and stitched some waist darts in two blouses. I have lowered a neckline on another blouse and unpicked the shirt collar and shirt tails from my 'Barney' jumper as I could hardly get my head through the hole! I suppose I should have taken before and after shots!!

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