Sunday, 31 July 2016

A Day In The Life 30th July 2016

 Yesterday was Ali Edwards 'day in the life' where you try to document what you do on that day. This year she mentioned she was going to set and alarm on her phone for every hour and take a photo. I thought that was a great idea as you could then just react instantaneously to what you were doing at that time, so I joined in. It was a busy Saturday and we were having friend over for a BBQ in the evening so I knew it would be hectic. I also snapped a few extra shots in between in case I forgot to react to the alarm or some photos were blurry and no good. I decided to try different angles too to switch it up, looking up, looking down,

 and down low
 I think the collage of my hourly photo's sums up my day pretty well!
I was even switching off my PC in the last minute of the day!! How cool is that?
Hope you were able to make some good captures too. Thanks for looking.

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