Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How to make your own foiled embellishments from digital files

Here's a 'how to' of how I made my own foiled embellishments for my December Daily album using some of Ali Edwards digital files and my Minc machine.
You could make this in Photoshop or Silhouette software.
You will need;
Digital png files or stamp brushes
laser printer
Minc foiling machine
White cardstock
Silver or gold foil.
1. Open the file in your chosen software. I used the Silhouette software and dragged the png files from their location onto the page. Resize if required. i wanted them two inches to fit in the 2x2 page protectors.

2. Cut some cardstock to A4 and place in laser printer feeder tray. Print.
3. Cut foil to size to go over design, place in pouch for running through the Minc machine. I have the 12 x 12 machine so A4 runs through fine. If you have the 6 inch machine size your original circles on to a six inch custom page settings.
4. Cut out using a correct size cutting die on your manual die cutter machine. These are not perfect circle files so there are some gaps. If you prefer to cut them with your silhouette you need to do the following at stage one;
open the png files on the chosen page size, using the trace feature select all the circles and adjust the threshold and scale in the trace window and select trace outline. Don't forget to add registration marks too.
You can print them on the laser printer, then go back to the Cameo and cut by locating the registration marks and then foil them afterwards.
Hope that helps. 

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Sandra said...

These look fabulous