Wednesday, 30 November 2016

December 2016 calendar free printable

I'm a last minute Lucy this year, normally prepped and organised for December 1st with project life up to date and my home made cards made, well this year it just ain't happening!! Homemade cards have gone, too late to start now, project life not up to date unless I burn some midnight oil bu I have been productive tonight and made a calendar page for the front of my 6x8 album so I know what day each date is, I find it handy when looking back.
I made it in Silhouette software using a Silhouette font called sailaway out of the shop. I printed it out on scrapbook paper using my laser printer, then ran it through my Minc with some Champagne reactive foil. If you would like to use it I have shared the file here. I decided to print it out full size and cut to a page on its own by drawing round a page protector to get the size and hole alignment right. If you want you could cut it at 6x8 so it fits inside a page protector. 
NOTE: the file is intended as a printable only from the Silhouette software. I have not turned off the cut lines so if you intend to print and then cut you will need to turn off the cut lines you don't need.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Designing your own light box slides

There is a huge lightbox craze at the moment especially amongst the crafty community and I wanted one, trouble is when you costed out the box and all the bits you would need to buy extra it was expensive and I needed to do it more frugally. I'm all about getting the look and paying less. So here is my take on it.
I bought my lightbox in NEXT £12 and this is what it looks like now.

I wanted a small lightbox to be part of a vignette, so this suits my purpose but I have seen a three row, bigger lightbox in The Works £10 if you prefer that size.
 It comes in a box like this.
 These are the characters that come included with it.
 They each have a protective film on, so remove that before use.
 The lightbox itself is all white.
It has an on and off switch on the side. 
It takes 6 AA batteries, and has holes so you could hang it on a wall in a gallery display.
I wanted to fancy mine up for the season so I added some copper Washi tape across the bars on the front.

Now to decide on my slides. You can put anything you like in it and I intend to change mine frequently. I wanted a phrase that would fit on the top line and a picture on the bottom line. 
I measured the height and length of each row on the lightbox and sized the background piece in Photoshop, you could use Silhouette software instead if you prefer. I then selected a font and typed out the phrase to fit on the background template, save it as a png or a jpg file. I wanted a coloured background so I added a shaded background in photoshop.

All you need to do now is print on an ink jet printer with special printable acetate (on the rough side) and trim to fit! Endless possibilities! Any digital stamps you own, any font you like and you can store them easily for next year in a file folder. Happy crafting!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How to make your own foiled embellishments from digital files

Here's a 'how to' of how I made my own foiled embellishments for my December Daily album using some of Ali Edwards digital files and my Minc machine.
You could make this in Photoshop or Silhouette software.
You will need;
Digital png files or stamp brushes
laser printer
Minc foiling machine
White cardstock
Silver or gold foil.
1. Open the file in your chosen software. I used the Silhouette software and dragged the png files from their location onto the page. Resize if required. i wanted them two inches to fit in the 2x2 page protectors.

2. Cut some cardstock to A4 and place in laser printer feeder tray. Print.
3. Cut foil to size to go over design, place in pouch for running through the Minc machine. I have the 12 x 12 machine so A4 runs through fine. If you have the 6 inch machine size your original circles on to a six inch custom page settings.
4. Cut out using a correct size cutting die on your manual die cutter machine. These are not perfect circle files so there are some gaps. If you prefer to cut them with your silhouette you need to do the following at stage one;
open the png files on the chosen page size, using the trace feature select all the circles and adjust the threshold and scale in the trace window and select trace outline. Don't forget to add registration marks too.
You can print them on the laser printer, then go back to the Cameo and cut by locating the registration marks and then foil them afterwards.
Hope that helps.